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About the Lounge

Sadity's Beauty Lounge is a Full Service Therapeutic Beauty Salon for the Private Clients of Shantel "MsSadity" Tracey. MsSadity offers her clients a Private, Stress Free, Aromatic Environment, to Indulge in Beauty Services both Therapeutic, and Cosmetic. MsSadity Also offers Private Services On Location, at your Home, Office, and/or Event. Contact Sadity

Exquisite Products

Luxurious Natural Products for Your Hair & Skin. Exquisite Products are botanical and mineral based to assist in nourishment as well as revitalization, restoration of hair follicles and skin cells.

About MsSadity

Shantel "MsSadity" Tracey is a Licensed Cosmetologist that's been styling hair for over 20 yrs, with add’l backgrounds in Health, Fashion, & Entertainment as well. She incorporates all that she has accumulitively learned and experienced over the years, into her craft. Contact Sadity

Welcome to My Beauty Lounge!

I'm so happy that you're here!
I wanted to give my clients something special. A place they could look forward going to. A place of Relaxation, Rejuvenation, and Restoration. At the Beauty Lounge I use Exquisite Hair Products that nourish and protect you hair while giving you amazing style! Exquisite Skin Products are made in house, and are customized for each clients needs to resolve a number of issues dealing with skin and weight. Be treated in a private environment, you never have to be enbarassed when going thru scalp treatments and body transformations!

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